Benefit Of Using Bulk SMS Service

Each and every kind of business needs to reach a wide range of potential customers to increase the scale of the business and gain a large market share. There are many ways that technology has introduced to do the task. For instance, advertising through newspapers, televisions, social media etc. These are those decisions that a company has to take that will largely affect their day to day working. So, these decisions have to be well thought out. Today the technology has improved the overall working of every business in many ways and one of the ways is bulk sms servicethat is available to almost every firm whether large or small, marketing or technology based etc. A professional gateway is provided to the users to ensure that the messages are delivered to right customers and at the right intervals as set by the user. These services offer many benefits other than just cost effectiveness.

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There are certain softwares that provide this service to send bulk sms. There are various packages that are provided by various providers of such service. There are unlimited phone numbers that can be added to the software package and these can be managed in different manner according to the need. The way this works is that there is a list of phone numbers that is prepared and added to the application of the software.

Features and benefits

The primary feature is the flexibility that this service offers in its day to day working. One can set different destinations for their sms to be sent and can change it according to the needs of the business. You can send your messages right now or set a time for it to be sent in the future. This is a responsive and quick way of spreading business schemes. Changing business conditions have forced the companies to be flexible and adaptive to survive in competitive market. Every target customer can be approached easily helping the business to promote the business and clear the old stock when the new stock has to be introduced. Immediate response by customers can also be received. Also these service can be integrated with your system using bulk smsapi.

If the system is permitted to do so, only then it will send the message to the people selected. This permission is very easy to give and no effort is needed unlike other sources. Customers who receive these sms often like the regular updates they get about the schemes of the company. This becomes very convenient for them to choose from the various options available to them without actually being communicated to personally. The rate of conversion through bulk sms is a great figure. The rate is 12% that means out of a group of 100 people to which the message is sent the 12 % of them that is 12 people would link up with your company as the buyer of your product/service which is quite profitable. This conversion rates goes up to 50 % for some companies.

5 Advantages to Running Your Business in the Cloud

The business of today is vastly different than that of yesterday. Paper trails have given way to real time access of a variety of products and services around the globe with the click of a mouse. If you are not quick with information, valuable time and resources will be lost and clients will leave for greener pastures. You really cannot afford to not run your business in the cloud today, and this article will give you five major advantages to doing so.

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Go Global in a Big Time Way

You might be a small business of only a few employees, or you might be a major multinational corporation. The beauty of the cloud is that you can all be on the same level playing field. The world is truly open for business, and the cloud affords businesses large and small the same opportunity to grow and expand over time. With , you will no longer be limited by geographical constraints. Business trips will enable you to literally take the office with you. There will be no lack of access to information, and your clients around the globe will be able to access your systems no matter where they might be located. This is simply a smarter and more profitable way of conducting business.

Stay Up To Date At All Times

With the cloud, all of your important business systems will remain up to date at all times. Not only will employees have access to important notes issued by other departments, updated project specifications can be uploaded in real time as well. There will be no down time to worry about, and the cloud virtually ensures that information will not be lost in translation from one desk to the next. Depending on your business structure, clients will almost certainly benefit from this ability to implement real time updates as well. This is particularly true if you run a global business. No longer will clients in one region have to wait while systems catch up with product implementations put into place elsewhere. With the cloud, all of this happens in real time, with no respect to space or time.

Integrate All Of Your Business Operations

If your business has long been mired in organizational inefficiency because each department seems to be operating on a different system, the cloud will take care of that for you as well. This is a way to get everyone in the business on the same page, no matter where their office might be located. Cloud software solutions will streamline operations to the point that all systems are integrated and intertwined with one another. This will provide much more valuable data to your clients and employees, increasing the likelihood of retention and growth.

Remain Visible to You Clients At All Times

The cloud will keep you online and visible to your clients 99.99% of the time. You do not have to worry about an outage in one area of your operations impacted your clients in a specific location. With the cloud, everything is online from a central location, and that information virtually never goes down for even on nanosecond. This is another way to serve your clients and ensure that their needs are meet at the time that they require you the most.

Become More Efficient and Productive

One final note to make is that the cloud will allow your business to become far more efficient and productive. With information updated and available in real time, redundant tasks will virtually be eliminated. Employees will no longer spend their time looking for information. It will be right there at their fingertips ready for them to take action. All of this leads to a far more effective workforce that will contribute to your growth all because of the cloud.

These five reasons alone should convince you that moving the majority of your business operations to the cloud is a smart move. This is the case no matter how small or large your company might be. The advantages are simply too great to ignore the cloud any longer. Look into its potential for your business today and tap into its many resources.

Key Qualities Of A Good Property Manager

A great career profession is one in property management. This industry allows for individuals to have many opportunities for employment growth and continued learning experiences either through jobs or going to a real estate school Las Vegas. Reputable schools like can help you exceed in a number of professions. As a property manager, you will have the ability to work for management companies, real estate companies or with property owners themselves. Property managers have fiduciary relationships with both the property owners and the management companies. There are many key qualities found in successful property managers. Below are some of those qualities.

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Stays Current On Laws And Ordinances

A good property manager will always stay updated on any local ordinances or state laws. To perform their job legally and ethically, they need to work within the laws of the land. The governments from city, state and federal offices dictate how real estate is to be managed. If a mistake is made or a law is broken, there could be potential consequences to the property owners, management companies and property managers.

Honest And Ethical

Properties managers are in charge of handling the money of property owners. Because of this, it is important for them to be equally honest, ethical and follow the honor code. The property manager holds a fiduciary relationship with the property owners and the management company by collecting security deposits, rent checks and more. The owner needs to have trust in their property manager at all times. Property managers are hired for their ability to work with integrity on a daily basis.

Good Communication Skills

It is essential that a property manager be good at communication. They are typically the middle person between a property owner and the management company. A good manager will be able to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life, ethnic groups, personalities and cultures. Good communication goes hand-in-hand with being able to communicate professionally, familiarly and calmly when necessary.

Detailed And Organized

Property managers collect things like rent and security deposits on a regular basis. It is essential to everyone involved that the money be picked up and recorded as paid each time. It is important to keep detailed and organized financial records of all transactions with tenants beyond just payments. Things like lease renewals, invoices, court dates and more need to be kept up with. Skilled property managers should be able to easily multi-task, prioritize work orders and keep files organized that deal with their properties.


A top quality that all property managers need to have is patience. There can be a lot of added pressure working with the public. Having patience and a calm demeanor can take you far in property management. If you get stressed easily or angry when something goes wrong and needs fixing, this type of industry may not be for you. You must be a “people-person.”

A career in property management is perfect for those that love a job which follows governmental, economic, societal and industry changes regularly with regards to how properties are able to be managed. If you love constantly learning and changing in your career and have the ability to accept and follow changes in real estate laws, property management could be a wise career choice to make.

HGH – How It Can Impact Both Memory and Focus

Aging is a basic fact of life – one way or another, each and every one of us will feel and perhaps act more established than we did the prior day. In any case, why does aging even happen in any case? As our bodies age, we encounter various catabolic occasions that cause the deterioration of cells, causing muscles to weaken, skin to lose its elasticity, and other typical hallmarks of aging. One absolutely anabolic mechanism still operates in our bodies, however, regardless of how old we are.

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The human growth hormone, commonly known as HGH, is what bodies cells revitalize themselves, advancing not simply repair but rather even growth of cells and tissue in the body. With time, your brain cells, also called neurons, will start to lose their chemical power, as well as mass and even their external covering that allows them to connect with one another. This neural breakdown is what can cause memory lapses, difficulty centering, and other mental delays commonly associated with aging. Researchers and researchers are currently starting to trust that HGH supplements may have the capacity to limit, if not altogether stop, aging issues in the brain. At the end of the day, if you increase your HGH levels, your memory and center can sharpen, which allows you to feel and act more youthful.

How Memory and Exercise are Related Your natural HGH levels in your brain peak at about age 20. When you hit 40, your brain can lose as much as 80% of the HGH you had as a youngster. Practicing regularly can help release HGH into your blood stream, sharpening your memory and core interest. Attempt serious exercise with systematic muscle repetition, such as cycling or running on a treadmill, to knock up your body’s HGH levels.

Increase HGH Levels through Proper Sleep Scientists have found that at least 8 hours of rest each night will rejuvenate your body’s HGH levels, giving you greater concentration and sharper short and long-term memory. Although the vast majority of your body’s HGH production will happen in your first hour of rest, interfered with rest can actually hinder HGH production – so search for ways to increase your overall soothing quality keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee your best HGH levels.

How Stress Can Lower HGH Levels Stress is basically a HGH executioner. Stress stimulates insulin production, which essentially cancels out your body’s natural production of HGH. Attempt to expel stress from your life, or participate in stress-diminishing activities like meditation or yoga to counteract this chemical reaction.

Consider HGH Supplement Finally, you can consider taking HGH supplements keeping in mind the end goal to support your memory and core interest. Keep in mind that supplements aren’t classified as medications, and can in this way only give a minimal concentration of engineered human growth hormone. However, even modest amounts of engineered HGH can stimulate your pituitary gland, which supervises your body’s production of HGH.

In this manner, a daily measurement of HGH in supplement shape can help more established individuals revitalize their psyche and body. To put it plainly, if you want a stronger memory and a sharper concentration, consider utilizing any or all of the ideas recorded above to help stimulate HGH levels in your body and bloodstream. Your brain will thank you after you read this article!

Using Links and Resources to Shop for Industrial Parts Online

You may not have a lot of time to spend shopping for industrial parts for your machinery.  You need to get parts like belts, hoses, Graco diapgragm pumps, filters, and more quickly so that you can get your factory or shop back up and running.

When you only have moments to spare in the typical work day for shopping for and buying the gear you need, you may not want to go to the local parts store or even make phone calls to research what is available in your local area.  You can get started today instead by shopping online.

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Links and Categories for Parts

When you first visit the website, you may be overwhelmed at the array of inventory available to look at online.  You want to know where to start and under what link to look to find the parts you need today.  The website is set up so that you search for exactly what you need based on the category in which the parts belong.  You can then click on the link for the category and locate the part quickly.

If you are shopping on a budget, you may need to price the parts before you buy them.  You may not have a lot of cash to spend right now, forcing you to avoid inventor that is out of your price range.  The website has a quote option that you can use to find parts that fit within the confines of your budget.  This service lets you shop without feeling pressured to overextend your financial capabilities.

Other Resources

If you are not someone who normally buys parts for your machinery and factory, you may not know what the parts are used for or how they are installed once they are delivered to you.  The website wants you to make an informed decision each time you shop there.  It has a resource category you can look at to get a better idea of how to use the parts and for what purpose they can be utilized once they arrive to your business.

If you still have questions after you use the resource category, you can use the live chat option to speak with someone from the company.  The person on the live chat can address your questions and concerns and also provide insight about what items you might need to buy to accomplish your work goals.

The live agents and others at the business speak Spanish as well as English.  If you are not proficient in one language, you can always communicate with someone from the business in the other language if you or anyone else at your factory prefers.

6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Playing Online Rummy

The Indian variant of rummy is one of the most popular online game, immensely popular among gamers. A number of online rummy websites have emerged over the times that have contributed to the immense popularity of this game. As you play online Indian rummy games , there are a few mistakes you should completely avoid.


6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Playing Indian Rummy Online

Winning rummy totally depends on the skills and tactics you use while playing the game. One should always try to improve the game by practicing hard each day. You should learn from your past mistakes and avoid committing it again to become a better player. Here are some of the most common mistakes that one should avoid while playing Indian game of rummy online:

Form a Straight Sequence

After 13 cards are dealt to each player, one should sort out the cards and try to make a pure life at earliest. A pure life can be a sequence of 3 / 4 cards from the same suit. Ensure that you have one pure life sequence before calling the ‘show’. Many players forget to form a pure life sequence and end up losing the game.

Joker is the Key

Most of the players forget that both cut joker and paper joker can be used in the game. It is very important that you use the joker wisely while making the sequence. It can improve your chance of winning the game by a fold. You can form the non-pure sequences using the joker, but ensure that you have at least one pure life sequence before calling the ‘show’.

Discard the High-Value Cards

Make sure that the high-value cards – A, K, Q, and J should be discarded first because they add the high points to your score whenever the ‘show’ is declared by your opponent. Try maintaining the minimum score by simply discarding the high value cards.

Deciding the Right Time to Quit the Game

In any rummy card game, the random generator shuffles all the cards and distributes them among the players. Whenever the cards are dealt, and you find out that the cards you have been dealt with, have least probability of forming the set then it’s the right time to quit. The middle drop is always considered better than full count.

Check the Discarded Cards of your Competitor

Never ever ignore the cards of your competitor. You should always have a close eye over the discarded cards of your opponent to get an idea of what your opponent is trying to do. Also check out if he is picking up the cards discarded by you. If you have can predict your opponent’s moves, then hold back the cards which your opponent might be trying to make the sequence. It can make your competitor wait for the right card for long.

Middle-Valued Cards must be used Wisely

This is one of the most important skills one should adopt while playing Indian rummy games online. You must try to use the middle value cards for making the sequence as the chances of making the sequence using these cards are greater as compared to the higher valued cards.

The Bottom Line

Every rummy player should try to learn from the past mistakes and avoid those mistakes in future. Make sure to avoid the above mentioned mistakes and use every card wisely to end up winning the game. It is purely your skills that can take you to winning the game.

Tributes pour in for Spotify’s Chris Bevington, victim of Stockholm terror attack

Spotify CEO and cofounder Daniel Ek has paid a moving tribute to Chris Bevington, 41, who was among the four people killed in the Stockholm truck attack on Saturday. Bevington was a director of global partnerships at the music streaming service, which has an office in central Stockholm.

Ek said he was “devastated” by the news. “It is with shock and a heavy heart that I can confirm that Chris Bevington from our Spotify team lost his life in Friday’s senseless attack on Stockholm,” he said.

The following is his full statement, taken from his public post on Facebook:

“It is with shock and a heavy heart that I can confirm that Chris Bevington from our Spotify team lost his life in Friday’s senseless attack on Stockholm.

Chris has been a member of our band for over 5 years. He has had a great impact on not just the business but on everyone who had the privilege to know and work with him. There are no words for how missed he will be or for how sad we all are to have lost him like this.

Whilst this terrible news is sinking in, our primary focus is on supporting the family and loved ones of Chris in any way we possibly can.

I am as deeply saddened and upset as all of you that something like this could happen in Sweden. The only light in this deeply tragic moment is the outpouring of love, compassion and solidarity that we have seen from everyone. And that was exactly the kind of person Chris was as well.

We will greatly miss you Chris. Rest in Peace my friend.”

In a statement, his father John Bevington said: “We are all devastated by the untimely and tragic death of our talented, compassionate and caring son Chris. [He was ] a wonderful husband, son, father, brother and close friend to many. The family requests absolute privacy at this incredibly difficult time to mourn his passing in peace.”

 Mr Bevington was born in South Africa, where he spent a portion of his childhood before moving to Leatherhead in Surrey, England, with his family. After school, Mr Bevington went on to study at Loughborough University and worked for Barclays before joining Warner Music in Stockholm, where he met his future wife Annika, a copyright lawyer with the firm. They were married in June 2012 and have a son. Instead of accepting wedding presents the couple donated money to Oxfam.

On Sunday afternoon, thousands took to the streets of Stockholm to attend a memorial concert at Sergels Torg plaza. A carpet of flowers, candles and stuffed toys left by mourners decorated the steps to the plaza.

Police have identified all four victims of the attack, including two Swedes and a Belgian as well as Mr Bevington. Their families have all been informed. Two people have been arrested over the attack.

Fifteen people were injured in the attack in which a hijacked truck ploughed through pedestrians in the capital’s shopping district. Four of the wounded remain in a serious condition with two being treated in intensive care.

IBM Researchers Have Now Found a Way to Store Data on a Single Atom

IBM says it has managed to store data on a single atom. The research, which was conducted at IBM’s Almaden lab in Silicon Valley, was published in scientific journal Nature on Wednesday. The finding could potentially change the way we store data in the future.

To put things in perspective, a hard drive takes about 100,000 atoms to store a single bit of data – a bit is comprised of 1 or 0. In comparison, IBM claims that it can reduce it to a single atom to store one bit of data. This theoretically means that you could cram an entire catalogue of iTunes’ 35 million songs into a storage medium as big as a credit card. Or you could carry your entire personal data in a smartwatch.

IBM Researchers Have Now Found a Way to Store Data on a Single Atom

 IBM’s research has found a way to magnetise individual atoms of the element holmium. The two poles of magnetism stand in for 1s and 0s. The holmium atoms are attached to a surface of magnesium oxide, which holds them in place at 5 kelvin, Quartz reports . The researches could then pass an electrical current through the holmium atoms, causing their poles to flip. The atom poles in their fixed state can then allow researchers to measure each atom as 1s or 0s using a single iron atom. This essentially replicates the writing and reading information on a magnetic hard drive.

“Magnetic bits lie at the heart of hard-disk drives, tape, and next-generation magnetic memory,” Christopher Lutz, nanoscience researcher at IBM’s Almaden lab, said in a release. “We conducted this research to understand what happens when you shrink technology down to the most fundamental extreme – the atomic scale.”

The finding is but a stepping stone in discovering the possibilities of atomic-computing. It remains to be seen if this method is feasible and affordable to think large scale. It will also need to be seen how computer chip manufacturers plan to scale the technology.

In today’s day and age, there’s never enough storage to keep us satisfied. IBM’s research imagines a future where storage issues do not exist and where you’ll never have to feel the need to delete the old to make room for the new.

Reliance Jio Stands for Affordability in a World Where ‘Data Is the New Oil’: Mukesh Ambani

Reliance Industries Ltd chairman and managing director Mukesh Ambani on Wednesday said the company’s newly launched telecom venture Reliance Jio stands for affordability and data is the new oil in the industry.

Reliance Jio Stands for Affordability in a World Where 'Data Is the New Oil': Mukesh Ambani

“Jio stands for affordability. Jio is conceived at a time when the world was in the phase of digitising. Data is the new oil,” Ambani said.

He was speaking at an interactive session in Nasscom India Leadership Forum 2017 in Mumbai.

Reliance Jio has disrupted the Indian telecom industry with its free data offer till March. Ambani said Aadhaar has enabled Reliance Jio to have millions of customers within few months.

Talking about digital payments, he said: “After the Aadhaar, you consider the digital payments system that is fast developing. Earlier, loans and financial resources were only available to a few people at high value. Now, I see that changing on the basis of technology. Now based on data, you can get a loan on your mobile phone.”

“We are at the doorsteps of change in adapting technology to change the lives of people.”

“In this new world in terms of digitisation it is important to be open. Whatever the world trends may be, we have to make sure we are always open, always connected. The goal of improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people is the opportunity that we have,” he added.

Reddit Has Had It With Trolls

Reddit has identified hundreds of the most “toxic users,” said CEO Steve Huffman, who founded the site 11 years ago while in college, and it has devised a plan to take action against them.

Consequence for unacceptable behavior could range from warnings to timeouts to permanent bans.

The announcement of the new strategy follows a recent incident in which Huffman was caught editing the comments of users who had insulted him personally on r/The_Donald, a subreddit community that supports President-Elect Donald Trump. This particular subreddit has been at the center of a controversy over reports that users employed aggressive tactics to push pro-Trump content to the top of the site.

Given the highly contentious recent election, many Reddit users have dropped any pretense of civility, and Huffman stepped in after being attacked personally. He since has apologized and promised not to edit users posts again.

Reddit Has Had It With Trolls

Troll Hunting

Reddit’s latest move serendipitously mirrors the current plotline of Comedy Central’s hit animated series South Park, which depicts Internet trolls as having become a serious global issue. Reddit’s newly announced changes appear to mark a significant departure from its limited self-policing by community moderators.

Like many online forums, Reddit has relied on volunteer moderators who oversee subreddits to keep the peace and to keep would-be trolls in check. Instead, it now will take a much more direct approach when monitoring conversations, doling out punishments to those who are seen as particularly abusive.

“The problem is that the ugly side of freedom of speech all too often comes out online,” explained Roger Entner, principal analyst at Recon Analytics.

The First Amendment — and its guarantee of freedom of speech — protects individuals from government restrictions that include voicing one’s opinion, he told TechNewsWorld.

It doesn’t apply universally however.

“What people don’t understand — or don’t want to understand — is that their right to express their opinion does not extend to a private platform like Reddit, where the platform owner has the right to set the terms and conditions under which you can voice your opinions,” Entner explained.

Friendly and Hostile Discussions

One aspect of any Internet forum is that it is a place of discussion, and that means everyone is not going to agree. Problems arise when disagreements veer into hostility. That said, Reddit’s success is attributable in part to its practice of allowing a fair amount of arguing, as that keeps people on both sides of an issue coming back for more.

“Entertainment is built on conflict,” said Josh Crandall, principal analyst at Netpop Research.

“From one dimension, Reddit can be considered entertainment for users who spend their evenings skimming through their feeds,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“When trolling isn’t directed at them or the issues they care about, it’s easy for the bystanders to chuckle at the sarcasm or other nasty statements being hurled across the Internet,” Crandall added.

Rise of the Trolls

The ability the Internet gives people to say anything they want and hide behind relative anonymity has given rise to trolls, who often simply want to make trouble without adding anything to a conversation. However, actual conversations can turn into flame wars too, with participants adopting a troll-like attitude.

“When people are in front of their own device, alone, typing away, they feel insulated from any reproach about what they are saying,” explained Crandall.

“There is no consequence to sharing socially inappropriate statements and positions that are very hurtful to others,” he added.

“Facebook has mitigated this issue somewhat through requiring people to use their own identity,” Crandall noted. “Reddit, through use of aliases, allow people who troll even greater anonymity, and distance from the people who they target.”

Fighting the Trolls

The issue of trolling isn’t unique to Reddit, but because discussion is key to the platform, it is one that it must resolve or risk losing users who are disgusted by the atmosphere.

“Reddit has to create a platform where people exchange their opinions, not one where so much acrimony and discord is created that one side of the argument has just had it and leaves,” said Entner.

“If you are any kind of decent human people, the way people are treated on these platforms is disturbing, and that can drive people away,” said Frederick Lane, a social media industry consultant.

This is why the response from Reddit could be seen as a way for it “to future proof their platforms, so that if someone comes up with a better system they won’t see mass exodus of users,” he told TechNewsWorld. “This is much more about the marketplace than legal risk.”

The next step for Reddit may be to remove the most toxic elements — the ones that are there only for the sake of disruption and destruction.

“If Reddit as a company wants to stay in business and continue to provide a valuable service to a large audience, they need to clean it up,” said social media consultant Lon Safko.

“Bashers and trolls are not entitled to the freedom of speech on Reddit or my blog or anywhere a company should exercise their rights to maintain what they feel as proper etiquette,” he told TechNewsWorld.

For its part, Reddit should try to “keep the discourse going at an intense and engaged level,” said Entner — “but below where the normal people just pick up their ball and go to a different playground and let the toxic elements play by themselves.”