Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine Review

From the long time rowing is considered as one the best Aerobic recreational exercise. This includes natural movement of the arms and joints and helps in boosting the heart rate. With this Water Rower Natural rowing machine the rowing experience can be taken into another level. This rowing machine uses the similar physics that is involved in the dynamics of the boat in water. It consists of a water flywheel and two peddles in an enclosed water tank. There are no moving parts in this machine that can be worn out. Your strength will determine how fast you can row this machine. The self regulating resistance created by the water tank and flywheel eliminates the need of a motor.

Features and functionality of Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine

There are enormous features of this Natural water rowing machine which are discussed below in detail. So if you are planning to buy any rowing machine for home of this kind then look at these features carefully for getting a better idea regarding this.

  • This is hand crafted rowing machine with water flywheel that gives actual rowing feel.
  • Flywheel is enclosed in closed water tank to give it smooth, reasonable and self synchronized resistance.
  • The measurement of this machine is 84*21*22 inches and the weight is 117 pounds.
  • For absorbing sound and vibration, it consists of solid ash and tainted honey oak construction.
  • For tracking the work out frequency, intensity, heart rate, stroke rate it has series 4 performance monitor.
  • The natural wood like construction gives it an elegant look.
  • The LCD screen can be easily plugged in your PC for additional features.
  • So far the best in terms of comfort ability
  • When not in use this machine can stand upright and this will help in saving the space.
  • It comes with 5 year frame warranty and 3 years part warranty.
  • As you row it gives quite relaxing sound of water rushing.

Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine Review

As per various fitness gurus, this machine is so far the best in the market in terms of water rowing capabilities. With the use of hardwoods like cherrywood, ash and oak give it a perfect look. The durability and quality are incomparable to other machines.

Unlike other rowing machines it doesn’t need to be locked in a sound proof room because the sound of water rushing is quite soothing. If we compare this to real rowing then the resistance level of this water rower is similar to that only. The computer monitor and other programmable features are very convenient to use and very efficient as well.

Footrest of this machine is quite comfortable and it is also very flexible for the tall rowers. The seat of this machine is very comfortable among every other rowing machine. According to the users and fitness experts this machine definitely deserves a 5 star.

The Good

The most important thing in this machine are its computer features which are LCD S4 performance monitor, stroke rate, and heart rate, intensity measuring in m/s, distance covered, calories burnt, workout duration, and miles per hour. The dual rail design and water flywheel are most reliable in this rowing machine. Unlike other rowing machines this can accommodate tall rowers easily because of its flexibility of height adjustment. This machine is very capable enough to give you the best workout that anyone can desire. The construction and design of this machine are such that the user can have a smooth and powerful training session.

The Bad

The only negative issue with this machine is its price which is nearly $1,500. But we can guarantee you that it is worth buying if you are fitness freak and it is surely value for money and quality.

Final Verdict

This Water rowing machine is the perfect example of the professional rowing machine. This is best suitable for both the beginners and experienced rowers. It faultlessly combines aesthetics and style with console and stability. The S4 monitor equipped with this machine gives it an advantage over other machines because of the strong performance. Regular schedules can be easily maintained in this machine and various variations can also be added. So it is best suitable for any fitness freak despite of higher price.

Can You Wear Crop Tops In Winter?

The latest fashion trend of crop tops is really very popular and almost every woman wants to wear a crop top to be part of this trend. As this is summer time, the crop tops are perfect for this weather. They allow us to be cool and comfortable in the unbearable hot weather. These crop tops for women are one of the best beach wear as you are able to show off your bikini-clad body in them. As these tops are short in length, your skin is able to remain cool in fresh air and will not get sweaty. However, how can someone wear a short crop top in the months of winter? All the benefits of the crop top as a garment perfect for summer will become its drawbacks in winter. How can someone wear a crop top in chilly weather and still feel comfortable? Actually, you can wear the crop top in winter and that too without feeling the cold weather and without feeling uncomfortable. There are certain ways in which you will be able to wear your favorite crop top in winter and you will look perfectly cool and stylish.

Ways in which crop tops for women can be worn in winter

  • A cropped sweater is a perfect crop top which you can wear in winter. Wear it over a shirt and pair them with high waist jeans. This way your skin exposure will be minimum and you will be able to enjoy the crop top. You can add a scarf or a beanie to this outfit if you need to be extra warm.
  • If you are going to a fancy event and you want to wear a crop top, then you can very well do so. Pair a long-sleeved crop top with a midi skirt. If you use a solid color crop top, then your skirt can be vibrant in color and design. Add come classy heels to this and you are ready to go.
  • If you want to create a formal and elegant look with a crop top in winter, then you can go for a long sleeves crop top which will keep you warm. Pair it with wide pants and you will look elegant yet sexy.
  • You can also wear high waist jeans, a knitted crop top and plaid shirt which are left open. This extra layer will give you warmth and the additional layer will add a contrast to your outfit.
  • A knitted crop top can also be worn with high waist pants. You can wear a long coat over the crop top and a hat to accessorize the whole outfit.
  • You can even go for a crop top with shorts look in the winter. Just pair them with tights and wear a cropped sweater as the crop top. This way you will look hot and will feel warm too. If you add ankle boots to this outfit, you will surely be the center of attraction.
  • If you want an elegant and smart look then you can go for the matching crop top and skirt look. The difference will be that the matching garments should be a knitted crop top and skirt so that you will be warm enough in the cold weather.
  • If you are looking for a glamorous look with a crop top, then wear a long sleeves crop top in a solid color over a dress shirt. Pair them with leather leggings and you will be the best-dressed girl in the party.

Pairing the crop tops for women with long knitted cardigans, ponchos and blazers will give you an additional layer which will keep you warm and will add a dimension to your outfit. You can also wear denim jackets and cropped sweatshirts for extra warmth. Wearing sequined and embellished crop tops over a maxi slip dress or pairing them with tuxedo jackets will be the best look for a winter party.

The Muse is a brain-sensing headband that helps you meditate

muse_sxsw-_perp_1_white-100650478-orig.jpg Who knew that meditation—an activity that’s supposed to help us destress from our hectic, always connected lives—can be enhanced by factoring in even more technology? The Museis a sensor-equipped headband that reads your brain activity and helps to guide you into a deeper meditative state when paired with a smartphone app. Yep, a wearable mind-reading headband that somehow makes you feel more relaxed.

I demoed the Muse at a South by Southwest showcase party for startups. It was loud, packed with people, and swelteringly hot—basically the perfect place to try a new meditation technique. First I had to fasten the headband on properly; the sensors have to make contact with skin, so I had some hair maneuvering to do. Then I donned a pair of giant canned headphones to help me hear the app’s cues better (spoiler alert: it didn’t work too well), and the Muse guided me through a quick calibration process. It first asked me to relax, followed by a request for me to think intensely and make lists in my mind—as in, lists of U.S. historical figures and different languages—so that it could understand what my brain patterns look like when my mind is active and calm. I then selected a calming soundscape to listen to during my two-minute trial. I went with rainforest sounds.

A nice quiet room like this would probably work much better.

muse sxsw woman musingAnd then… I meditated. Or tried to. I sat on a chair in the middle of a big party—close to a bar—with my eyes closed and made a gallant attempt at relaxation. I cheated a couple of times during my session, when clinking glasses and laughter jarred me back to reality. Muse tried to pull me back in by increasing the volume of those rainforest sounds, and then automatically lowered them once I got back into the zone.

The app tracks activity level throughout each session, so I got a breakdown of when I was the calmest and when my mind would start to wander. The app even knew when I opened my eyes, and that’s why the volume got louder—the headband will trigger the app to intensify the sound when it senses an increase in brain activity. According to the app, I was at a roughly 80 percent level of restfulness throughout my session, which I find hard to believe considering my surroundings.

muse sxsw app shotInteraXon
The app has different meditation exercises to try, and the headband tells the app to increase the volume if your mind starts to wander.

I’m not a meditator, but I could see the Muse system being a helpful tool for people who do mediate regularly. Maybe just avoid testing it out in a giant crowd.

The Muse is available now for $299.

Microsoft shows how HoloLens Actiongrams can have you watching TV with a zombie pal

Yes, only developers have access to the Microsoft HoloLens, and there’s no telling when the augmented reality headset will be available to consumers. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from showing off the merits of its Actiongram app for the HoloLens.

Actiongrams are what Microsoft calls “motion-reality captures,” or video that your HoloLens records of a real-life scene—but with some virtual objects interjected into that scene. Microsoft posted several examples of what a HoloLens Actiongram could look like, from something like a quick, fun video with a dog…

…to something more akin to a short movie. (This is probably the cleverest of the four examples that Microsoft posted today.) Really, who doesn’t like a clueless Teddy Roosevelt with the emotional maturity of a five-year-old?

Microsoft said it has built a virtual holographic studio where it has imported different actors, characters, objects, and creatures that can be captured as holograms. We’ve already seen a few: “Ned,” the zombie at the top of the screen, Teddy Roosevelt, a dinosaur, and more. From the videos, it appears that there’s a pretty broad range of behavior these avatars can display, though it’s unclear whether you’ll be able to actually “control” them.

If there’s anything that should give you pause, though, it’s a comment made by a Microsoft HoloLens employee that an Actiongram project could be produced in an “afternoon.” That implies a greater time commitment than most consumers seem interested in—given the trend toward video that’s produced and shared within minutes. Especially if we’re talking about something that will be watched once or twice or discarded.

(In fact, you need look no further than Microsoft’s own Project Spark game-creation tool for an unfortunate example of a creative platform that has gone largely ignored. It went down for several days recently, and speculation was that Microsoft was preparing to kill Project Spark as part of a recent studio purge. Microsoft declined to comment. At press time, it’s alive.)

Still, Microsoft is right in positing that interaction with virtual objects is, at this point, a feature that’s unique to HoloLens. It’s sort of amazing to think that consumers who grew up watching the intersection of virtual dinosaurs and real objects in Jurassic Park can now potentially star in their own version of the movie, or something of the like—even if it takes some effort to get things exactly right.

Segway succeeds in stopping hoverboard imports to U.S.

hoverboard-100650858-orig.jpg Buying a hoverboard in the United States might get a lot harder now that the International Trade Commission has put a ban on a wide range of imports.

The ITC has issued a general exclusion order for many hoverboard types at the behest of Segway, which has claimed widespread infringement of one particular patent. Most hoverboards sold in the United States today come from China, and U.S. Customs could soon be seizing infringing products at the border, Gizmodo reports. (These “hoverboards” don’t actually hover, but remain upright while the rider shifts weight forward or backward.)

Segway, best-known for its self-balancing scooters that were widely-hyped but never achieved more than niche interest, calls out 13 companies that it believes have infringed its patents. Five of those companies have reached settlements or consent orders with Segway, Ars Technica reports, and the rest are subject to the ban. Oddly enough, one of the companies that settled, Ninebot, acquired Segway in 2015 before moving ahead with the patent attack on rival hoverboard makers.

Ars notes that the case could affect more than just the companies named by Segway. Because the ITC has issued a general exclusion order, the ban will apply to any company found to be infringing the patent in question. Gizmodo claims that big names like Swagway and IO Hawk could be affected. Another company, Ecoboomer, has been ordered to stop selling any hoverboards that have already entered the country.

At this point, President Barack Obama has 60 days to sign the ITC’s exclusion order, and Ars notes that presidents rarely block such orders. But enforcement can be tricky, as it requires the plaintiff’s lawyers to work closely with U.S. Customs. In 2013, for instance, Microsoft sued U.S. Customs, claiming that it had failed to keep certain Motorola phonesout of the country. That said, Customs has previously seized thousands of hoverboards amid claims of counterfeiting.

The impact on you at home: If you’re looking to buy a hoverboard, it’s possible to get them on eBay, and direct sales are available though some vendors such as Swagway. However, it may be best to steer clear anyway. In December, the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission raised concerns about a lack of safety standards in hoverboards, amid reports that some were spontaneously combusting, and Amazon appears to have stopped selling the products as a result. If you needed further discouragement, hoverboards have also been banned from a wide range of public places and countries for the nuisance they cause. Perhaps the ban is a blessing in disguise.

Foxconn Lowering Offer for Japan’s Sharp

Foxconn Lowering Offer for Japan's Sharp: Report

Taiwan’s Foxconn is lowering an offer for loss-making Japanese electronics maker Sharp Corp from an initial plan of JPY 489 billion ($4.4 billion), the Yomiuri newspaper reported on Sunday.

The reason behind the move is that Foxconn appears to be concerned about financial risks of potential liabilities at Sharp and its business outlook, according to Yomiuri. The newspaper did not say how muchFoxconn, formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, will lower the offer to.

A Sharp spokesman declined to comment on the report.

Sharp late last month said it would issue around $4.4 billion (roughly Rs. 29,265 crores) worth of new shares to give Foxconn a two-thirds stake in a deal the Taiwanese company backed out of at the last minute. Foxconn’s total investment was set to total nearly $6 billion (roughly Rs. 40,229 crores), according to a source.

Foxconn is seeking guidance from Sharp on its latest quarterly performance as part of its efforts to finalize the planned acquisition, a person familiar with the matter said.

This Glove Turns Your Hand Gestures Into Music

This Glove Turns Your Hand Gestures Into Music

Love tapping your hand to the beat while sitting at your desk or a park bench? A US-based startup has created a high-tech glove that can turn those hand gestures into music.

The glove, called the Remidi T8 wearable instrument, is equipped with pressure-sensitive sensors along its fingertips and palm.

Its wristband controls how the combination of sounds from each sensor are translated as a user moves his or her hand. The glove aims to be a very intuitive device for music artists, enthusiasts and disc jockeys to use, the company said.

Users of the glove will be able to compose music, play and perform on the go, said Mark DeMay, co-founder and chief technology officer at Texas-based company Remidi.

The glove is more adaptable than large synthesiser machines and can be personalised to create new, custom sounds or remix existing ones, depending on how a user programs it.

“We wanted to give people a fun way to express themselves and start pushing the boundaries of what we can do with musical instruments,” DeMay told ‘Live Science’.

With the T8, a user could start jamming on any surface – a desk, wall, subway seat, park bench, car window, or on their own body. The data from the glove can then be sent to the Remidi app or to other recording software, DeMay said.

The wristband hosts the control centre, while the glove hosts 8 pressure sensitive spots to trigger notes. They plug to each other through the magnetic connector on the back of the hand.

The T8 creates different sound intensities and rhythms based on which of its eight sensors are pressed, what combinations are pressed and how long or how hard you press down on each point.

A tiny spinning gyroscope and accelerometer in the glove’s wristband measures how fast your hand moves around and adjusts the tone and tempo of the music you create in real-time.

New Digital Tools Will Prevent Duplicate PAN Cards

New Digital Tools Will Prevent Duplicate PAN Cards

The Income Tax department has a new technology tool to check duplicate PAN cards, which also allows the taxman to ‘kill’ the second one.

The electronic smart platform called the Income Tax Business Application-Permanent Account Number (ITBA-PAN) has been operationalised by the department which will help the taxman and PAN issuing intermediaries to identify such duplicate numbers every time a new application for generation of the fresh IT department-issued unique identity reaches their portals.

“The department earlier used to check against duplicity of PAN in a manual fashion which was not foolproof but the new electronic system is very accurate,” a senior official said.

However, in cases of old PAN cards, he said the manual system has to go on.

“There are not many such cases in the old system. Those are being weeded out as and when information is obtained,” he said.

In order to ensure that no entity is able to evade tax by way of holding two PAN cards, the IT department has been trying for a number of years to find a smart tool to check the problem. There have been numerous instances in the past when while probing tax evasion and black money cases, investigators found duplicate PAN cards were used to perpetrate the economic fraud.

“The new process will help identification and surrender of duplicate PAN allotted to a person so that further use of the same duplicate PAN allotted to a PAN holder could be stopped,” a recent communication, accessed by PTI, from the systems wing of the department said informing field offices of the department about the new technology upgrade.

The new system, upon finding on the ITBA-PAN platform that a duplicate PAN exists, will direct the taxman to inform applicants to approach their respective assessing officer and surrender the duplicate identity and, in case the applicant does not do so, the system will check the bonafides and automatically ‘kill’ the duplicate identity.

As per latest data, while there are over 24.37 crore PANs registered in the country, there are no accurate figures on the number of duplicate ones.

The government had late last year made quoting PAN mandatory for several transactions, including purchase of jewellery above Rs. 2 lakh, since the beginning of this year.

The effort to popularise the use of PAN in financial transactions, the CBDT had said, is “expected to be useful in widening the tax net by non-intrusive methods.

“They (new PAN rules) are also expected to help in curbing black money and move towards a cashless economy,” the Central Board of Direct Taxes had said.

New Division Game Details Revealed After Data Mining By Fans

The Division

More details about The Division game have been divulged today providing details on what happens when you get to the level cap of 30 within the game. Similar to that within Destiny as soon as you reach 30 you can still proceed even further by collecting top-level gear.

The information was uncovered by fans data mining The Division and posting their findings to the Reddit website and follow on from the same method that was used to reveal the number of campaign missions within the game.

The Reddit post reads:

These are all taken from the final game translation files. If they are exactly used like this I can’t be sure of course, but it sheds some more light on what there is in store for us. Enjoy!

Gear Score

– Compare the Gear Score of the most powerful items in the game to know which one is the best. Increase your average Gear Score to gauge your chances against high end content and display your prowess in the Dark Zone.

– Every non-vanity gear piece that can be found when your agent is level 30 has a Gear Score value. The higher an item’s Gear Score, the stronger the item.

– The overall Gear Score of your agent can be seen in your main menu next to your player level. Gear Score indicates the advancement of an agent.

– Other agents’ Gear Scores are displayed next to their health bars.

– Improving your gear and increasing your overall Gear Score will grant your agent access to the most dangerous high end challenges. Your Average Gear Score can be found in the main menu and is visible to other players. It is the average value of all equipped gear pieces.

Samsung Gear S2 Gets Flight Mode In Latest Software Update

Samsung Gear S2Samsung has released a new software update for their Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch and the update brings a new Flight Mode feature to the device.

Flight Mode on the Gear S2 works in the same was as it does on your smartphone or tablet, it turns off any wireless connections on you device without having to turn them off manual.

The update also brings some other improvements to the Gear S2 smartwatch, these include enhancements to the digital watch face, you can now use an image from the gallery app on the device.

The latest software update for the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch comes with the software version R732XXU2CPB7 and it should be available for your device as of now. The update can be installed from the Gear app on your smartphone.