• Gmail Gets Machine Learning Integration for Phishing Attack Protection

    It is no secret that phishing attacks are on the rise and after working towards making its Gmail client safer across platforms for quite some time, Google has now taken another significant step in the same direction. Google has announced that the company has now integrated machine learning for early detection of phishing attacks through […]

  • Aadhaar Biometric Data Has Till Date Not Faced a Cyber-Attack, Says UIDAI

    The core biometric data of Aadhaar card holders has “till date” not faced any cyber-attack, UIDAI has said in response to an RTI query. The Unique Identification Authority of India, however, refused to share the latest cyber-security assessment of Aadhaar data, citing national security. “The information cannot be shared under section 8(1)(a) of RTI Act […]

  • Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Loses Appeal of Life Sentence

    Ross Ulbricht, the notorious founder of the “dark web” exchange Silk Road where drugs and other contraband were openly sold, lost his appeal Wednesday against his life prison sentence. A federal appeals court in New York confirmed Ulbricht’s 2015 conviction and sentence, rejecting his claim of an unfair trial and that being dealt the maximum […]

  • British Airways Board to Demand Independent Inquiry Into IT Outage: Report

    The board of British Airways is set to demand an independent inquiry into a power outage which left 75,000 passengers stranded last weekend, the BBC reported on Thursday, citing sources. BA suffered a public relations disaster over the holiday weekend when it had to cancel hundreds of flights from London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports. It […]

  • Google’s Voice Recognition Accuracy Grew 20 Percent in 4 Years, Notes Meeker

    Google over the past year has been focusing greatly on its artificial intelligence and machine learning technology as it tries to push its voice-based Assistant service widely and across products. At Google I/O 2017, CEO Sundar Pichai opened the keynote by claiming that the company’s voice recognition software has an error rate of under 5 […]

  • British Airways IT Outage Reportedly Caused by Contractor Who Switched Off Power

    A contractor doing maintenance work at a British Airways data centre inadvertently switched off the power supply, knocking out the airline’s computer systems and leaving 75,000 people stranded last weekend, the Times newspaper reported on Friday. Quoting a BA source, the newspaper said the power supply unit that sparked the IT failure was working perfectly […]