Extrudr Green TEC Biodegradable 3D Printer Filament

3D Printer owners that are concerned about creating mountains of harmful plastic waste when creating new designs and projects, may be interested in a new biodegradable 3D printing filament but has been unveiled by Extrudr.

The Extrudr Green TEC 3D printer filament is constructed using renewable natural materials and is fully biodegradable allowing you to make as many mistakes as you like without harming the environment. Unlike PLA the new Extrudr Green TEC can be 100 percent degraded in natural cycles, says Extrudr

Extrudr is a new company formed in 2014 and based in Austria that is making its mark creating 3D printing filament, co-founder Johannes Früh explains : “We can guarantee high quality standards like Diameter, Resin, Roundness and Printability, etc.,”

Extrudr Green-TEC is a new development in our series of bio compounds that 100% renewable and naturally pure raw materials is generated. The material has a bio-organic composition and blends for composting as opposed to PLA which is biodegradable only in bioreactors or certain laboratory conditions, 100% back into the natural cycle one. Therefore, the Extrudr is Green-TEC CO2 neutral and ecologically absolutely harmless . The new biomaterials are a non-toxic alternative to conventional ABS, PETG or PLA filaments and these terms even superior temperature resistance, hardness and elongation. The material properties exceed regards shrinking and warping as the established 3D printing materials. It is therefore suitable for complicated and especially large print objects. The printer does not require a heater bed.

Specifications for Green-TEC filament which is available in four colours black, blue, red and white:

– Heat resistant up to 110-120 C (248 Fahrenheit),
– Low temperature of 170-200 C
– High mechanical resistance, which leads to lighter components
– Very low warping (<0.5%)
– Food safe
– Biodegradable
– High Layer adhesion and good optical properties
– Printbed: 0-60 ° C
– Liability: Bluetabe, Kapton, carbon, glass
– Print speed: up to 120mm / s

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