Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists New Works Exhibition

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has this week announced the dates for the Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists’ New Works Exhibition that will provide a way of viewing all the results from 12 months of digital creativity.

It was nearly a year ago that the Raspberry Pi Foundation first launched the Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists programme, back in April 2015. That enabled nine young people to embark on a 12 month journey of field trips, mentoring sessions and video chats culminating in the exhibition that will start next month.

The Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists’ New Works Exhibition on April 23rd 2016 in Cambridge, UK and will be held at the Raspberry Pi Headquarters which has easy access from the Cambridge train station, for anyone that is thinking of attending. The Raspberry Pi Foundation explains more about tickets and access :

You can apply for tickets for either the afternoon (12pm-4pm) or the evening (6pm-9pm) session on the exhibition tickets page. Numbers are limited, so if we don’t have enough tickets to go round, we’ll pick recipients at random.

Working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation as the first participants in the Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists programme has helped formed a bridge between our cranial hemispheres, merging computer science and art to create our own unique but equally awesome projects that show how diverse the applications of technology can be when it comes to being creative.

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