Tenthium Brings The Periodic Table To Life

Tenthium Brings The Periodic Table To Life

The 10th Floor has created a unique and stylish way to bring to life the periodic table with a new range of elements called Tenthium, that provide tubes made from 99 percent pure elements which have been then shaped into 1 inch cubes and elegantly engraved with the elements symbol.

Primarily, the Tenthium project will be made up of 9 elements Titanium, Tungsten, Aluminum, Iron, Nickel, Copper, Zirconium, Molybdenum and Niobium. its creators explain more about the inspiration behind Tenthium.

Sparked into existence within the heart of dying stars, elements have been recognized as the primary constituents of matter. For millions of years, these building blocks have been discovered one after the other – answering the ambiguous questions of the nature of the perplexing world around us. Whether found solitary in pure forms, or working together as alloys and compounds, these chemical elements continue to shape the astonishing and lively beauty of our universe.

Of the 118 pure elements, each one majestically distinguishes itself with it’s individualistic properties, evocative colors, and acclaimed textures. Bringing forth these qualities into physical interaction, Tenthium is a project that allows for the periodic table to burst three dimensionally into an 1” cube – expressing each element in a simple yet pure manner that appreciates the exquisiteness of its chemical composition.


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