New Asus VivoMini VM65 And VM65N Mini PCs Unveiled

Asus VivoMini VM65 Mini PC

Asus has this week unveiled new VivoMini mini PCs in the form of the Asus VivoMini VM65 and VivoMini VM65N that are powered by a choice of 6th generation Intel Core processors and can be fitted with up to 16GB DDR4 RAM.

The new systems sport a number of new features compared to other systems in the range and top of the line unit can be fitted with a NVIDIA GeForce 930M graphics, support for USB 3.1, SonicMaster speakers and connectivity via 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Both the VivoMini VM65 and VM65N systems are equipped with HDMI and DisplayPort++ allowing users to connect upto three different displays if required. The design of the mini PC also includes an easy “slide open” chassis making it ideal if you are looking to upgrade memory or storage in the future. Asus explain a little more :

The higher-specification VivoMini VM65N has discrete NVIDIA GeForce 930M Optimus™ graphics and 4K UHD display support to allow users to enjoy stunning videos, play casual games at their highest settings, or view incredibly-detailed photos. NVIDIA graphics cards deliver a performance boost of up to 56% over PCs with integrated graphics, making VivoMini VM65N an ideal photo or video editing platform. VivoMini VM65 Series mini PCs come with built-in SonicMaster speakers — doing away with the need for external speakers. This gives VivoMini VM65 Series deep rich bass and crystal-clear vocals, even at the highest volume levels.

VivoMini VM65 Series mini PCs feature Vivo DualBay, a unique dual-storage design that can accommodate a combination of up to two 2.5-inch SSDs and HDDs for added storage flexibility. This gives users the option to mix and match SSD or HDD options for an ideal balance between larger storage capacities or faster data access speeds. Models without Vivo DualBay will have a single 3.5-inch HDD.

A single 3.5-inch HDD, or two 2.5-inch HDDs via Vivo DualBay, would be sufficient to store entire movie or music libraries; while a combination of a 2.5-inch HDD and an SSD would be a perfect choice for fast operating system boot times and lightning-fast application launches. The Good Design Award-winning VivoMini VM65 Series mini PCs have the iconic Zen-inspired spun-metal finish. The elegant Iron Gray color scheme makes them a striking addition to any home.These mini PCs can be VESA-mounted on the back of a display to create a custom all-in-one PC.

For more information on the new Asus VivoMini VM65 and VivoMini VM65N mini PCs jump over to the official Asus press release for more details and full specifications.

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