Seagate Announces Fastest Ever SSD, Coming This Summer


Seagate has announced the ‘fastest ever’ SSD and the company will launch their new Solid State Drive this summer.

The new Seagate SSD comes with through output of 10GB/s and according to the company, this is more than 4GB/s faster than the previous fastest SSD.

The 10GB/s unit, which is expected to be released this summer, is more than 4GB/s faster than the previous fastest-industry SSD on the market. It also meets the OCP storage specifications being driven by Facebook, which will help reduce the power and cost burdens traditionally associated with operating at this level of performance.

“Your data is only as good as how easily you can access it and put it to use,” said Brett Pemble, Seagate’s general manager and vice president of SSD Products. “Seagate is committed to providing the full spectrum of technologies to help meet the diverse needs of organizations so they can unlock this value. Whether for consumer cloud or business applications, this SSD will help improve on demands for fast access to information, where split seconds drive incremental value gains.”

Seagate have said that they will launch their new SSD some time this summer, you can find out more details over at their website at the link below.

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