Xiaomi Mi Powerbank With USB Type C Announced

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank

Xiaomi recently announced their new Mi 5 smartphone, the handset comes with USB Type C and now the company has launched a new powerbank for the device, the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank.

The Xiaomi Mi Powerbank comes with a 10,000 mAh battery and it will retail for 149 RMB which is $22 at the current exchange rate.

In this modern era, smartphone has become so common and popular and i would say most of the people reading this thread own a smartphone. We tend to spend a lot of time playing around with our smartphone for browsing internet, playing games, social media, listening to music and more ! Besides that, the first and the last thing we hold before we sleep and after we sleep is none other than smartphone. However smartphone has limited battery juice and therefore powerbank is our solution !

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