Delhi University uploads guidelines: Why BCom seats are tough for Arts, Science students

Students from Science and Humanities streams, who plan on studying either BCom (Honours) or BCom Programme at Delhi University, are at a disadvantage this year — they will face a deduction of one per cent for each of the non-core subjects in the best-of-four calculation.delhi university, DU, delhi university cut offs, delhi university courses, delhi university admissions, delhi university admission, india news, delhi news, education news

The DU has come out with a list of 15 subjects which fall under the non-core category. The subjects include Botany, Geography, Philosophy, Statistics, Business Mathematics, Geology, Physics, Zoology, Biology/ Biotechnology, History, Political Science, Chemistry, Home Science, Psychology, Computer Science, Informatics Practices, Legal Studies and Sociology. BCom is the most sought-after course at the university. While BCom received the fourth-most number of applications last year, in 2014, it was the second-most sought-after course and had received 71,505 applications.

The university has also maintained that if a student wants to study either BCom (Hons) or BCom Programme, they must include in their best-of-four calculation one language and three core commerce subjects, which include Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies/Commerce. However, it is compulsory to add Mathematics.

Explaining the disadvantage, Amrita Bajaj, Deputy Dean Students Welfare, said, “In the best-of-four calculation, if a student who plans to study BCom adds English, Economics, Physics and Biology, he or she will face a deduction of two per cent from the aggregate. This will not be called a change of stream but movement from core to non-core subjects.”

Earlier, to apply for BCom courses, one could add one language and any three other subjects in the best-of-four aggregate. The university also revealed that those who add vocational courses as part of the aggregate will face a deduction of 2.5 per cent. The list of vocational subjects include Physical Education, Arts, Painting and Sculpture.

However, from this year, Music is being considered an academic subject. According to a university official, who did wish to be named, this rule was brought about so that the students who have studied Commerce do not lose seats to those from other streams. “We have seen that a lot of students from the Science stream want to study Commerce at college level. Hence, we thought Commerce students should get a fair choice,” the university official said.

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