• Science Updates
    Israel Plans Its First Moon Launch in December

    An Israeli organisation announced plans Tuesday to launch the country’s first spacecraft to the moon in December, with hopes of burnishing Israel’s reputation as a small nation with otherworldly high-tech ambitions. The unmanned spacecraft, shaped like a pod and weighing some 585 kilogrammes (1,300 pounds) at launch, will land on the moon on February 13, […]

  • Internet
    Google ‘Speed Update’ That Considers Page Speed in Mobile Search Ranking Now Rolling Out

    Google has officially announced that ‘Speed Update’ for mobile search is now rolling out worldwide. For those wondering, this year in January, the search giant had said that it will start considering page speedwhile ranking websites in mobile searches. Almost six months since the original announcement, the update is now available to all users. Dubbed as ‘Speed […]

  • Science Updates
    Candidate HIV Vaccine Passes Key Early Test

    The near 40-year quest for an HIV vaccine received a hopeful boost Saturday when scientists announced that a trial drug triggered an immune response in humans and shielded monkeys from infection. Shown to be safe in humans, the candidate vaccine has now advanced to the next phase of the pre-approval trial process, and will be […]

  • Education
    Importance of education

    Sir: When I started thinking about why education is so important, I remembered my high school years when I used to spend almost five hours a month on math homework, wake up at 6:00 AM and get ready for my PSAL soccer game after school. I remembered my teachers, school subjects, the studying and the fun! […]

  • Education
    A Latur murder reveals the dark side of Maharashtra’s education system

    A 34-year-old private tutor, Avinash Chavan, who ran coaching centre “Step by Step” was shot dead on June 25 in Latur, the city which had caught the country’s attention two years ago because of severe water scarcity there. The police investigation has revealed that Chandankumar Sharma, owner of another coaching centre ‘Kumar Maths Class’, had […]

  • Science Updates
    ISRO Tests Crew Escape System Critical for Human Spaceflight

    In its aim towards human spaceflight, Indian space agency ISRO on Thursday carried out the first in a series of tests to qualify a crew escape system. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in a statement said the crew escape system is a critical technology for human spaceflight. “The crew escape system is an emergency escape measure […]

  • Education
    Education and jobs quotas will not improve orphaned children’s lot

    The Supreme Court will be deciding on whether orphaned children should be given reservation in education and in government jobs later in life. There are around two crore orphaned children in India, and about one crore “street children”. These numbers are estimates since India does not enumerate orphans, unlike many comparator and less developed economies—even […]

  • Science Updates
    Cosmic Crash With Dwarf Galaxy Reshaped Milky Way: Study

    A dramatic head-on collision with a dwarf galaxy, dubbed the “Gaia Sausage” galaxy, about 10 billion years ago reshaped the structure of our galaxy, the Milky Way, fashioning both its inner bulge and its outer halo, new research suggests. The dwarf did not survive the impact. It quickly fell apart, and the wreckage is now […]