• Internet
    Skype for the Web now lets you call non-Skype users

    Skype is making its web app more like the desktop version with a few new ways to reach non-Skype users. With Skype for Web, users can now place voice calls to any mobile phone or landline through the new “Call phones” section. Of course, this requires some Skype credit or a Skype Unlimited World subscription, […]

  • Computing
    Razer’s refreshed Blade gaming laptop adds more power for far less cash

    If you saw our review of the Razer Blade Stealth earlier this week and thought you’d abdicated to an alternate dimension where the black-and-green gaming mavens at Razer no longer made gaming hardware, fear not: The 14-inch Razer Blade (no surname) still exists, and it’s getting an update for 2016. For the most part it’s […]

  • News Updates
    Segway succeeds in stopping hoverboard imports to U.S.

    Buying a hoverboard in the United States might get a lot harder now that the International Trade Commission has put a ban on a wide range of imports. The ITC has issued a general exclusion order for many hoverboard types at the behest of Segway, which has claimed widespread infringement of one particular patent. Most […]

  • Software
    Samsung ships its Surface clone, the Galaxy TabPro S

    It seems like every manufacturer has a Surface-like two-in-one these days, and now Samsung has joined the party. Samsung will begin selling its Galaxy TabPro S on Friday at Best Buy for $900, a few days before the 12-inch tablet goes on sale at Microsoft’s own brick-and-mortar stores on April 4. Unlike Microsoft’s own Surface […]

  • Hardware
    Asus’s itty-bitty VivoMini PCs embrace Nvidia graphics

    Today appears to be mini PC day here at PCWorld. We’ve already given you hands-on looks at Intel’s Skull Canyon NUC and Zotac’s VR-ready Magnus EN380, not to mention news about the release of MSI’s cylindrical Vortex powerhouse. That makes today a good day to talk about something that was recently announced: two new additions to Asus’ VivoMini […]

  • Hardware
    Logitech brings Cherry switches back with the G610 mechanical keyboard

    Shock! Awe! Logitech’s bringing back Cherry switches for its new G610 keyboard. After spending two years pushing its custom Romer-G keys, the company’s offering the G610 with Cherry MX Brown and Red switches. Looks-wise, the G610 is essentially a variant of the recently-announced G810. Keep the same sleek black (professional) chassis, subtract the RGB lighting, […]

  • Software
    Phase One releases Capture One Pro 9.1

    On Thursday, Phase One announced the release of Capture One Pro 9.1, a high-end image capture and processing Mac app used by professional and enthusiast photographers, especially by those shooting tethered with Phase One’s own medium-format digital backs or other supported cameras. The 9.1 update includes workflow and keyboard shortcut improvements that will help photographers […]

  • Hardware
    Alexa is your personal trainer with Amazon Echo’s new Fitbit support

    Amazon Echo’s voice assistant Alexa has a slew of skills. She can dim your lights, stream a Spotify playlist, and even order youa large pie from Domino’s. On Thursday, Fitbit integration turns Alexa into a coach who encourages you each morning to meet your fitness goals with inspirational phrases like, “Every step is a step […]