• Internet
    India Leads Facebook’s Bug Bounty Program on Payouts and Participation

    India is the top ranking country on Facebook’s bug bounty program, with the highest number of participating security researchers and in terms of paid bounties, which stands at Rs. 4.8 crores since the program was created, Facebook said. “India has long topped the list of 127 countries whose researchers contribute to our bug bounty program. […]

  • News Updates
    Google Gives Federal Plan for Self-Driving Car

    Google wants Congress to create new federal powers that would let the tech giant receive special, expedited permission to bring to market a self-driving car that has no steering wheel or pedals. The proposal, laid out in a letter to top federal transportation officials, reveals Google’s solution to a major regulatory roadblock: US law does […]

  • Internet
    US SEC Says Amazon Should Allow Shareholder Vote on Gender Pay

    Amazon.com Inc should allow shareholders to vote on a proposal on gender pay equality, the US securities regulator decided this week in rejecting the retailer’s request to omit the measure from its annual ballot. Arjuna Capital, the activist arm of investment firm Baldwin Brothers Inc, said it submitted the proposal to Amazon and eight other […]

  • Software
    Uber to Give Drivers Option to Be Paid Instantly

    Uber is launching a pilot program intended to help the ride-hailing service’s drivers draw their pay faster, an effort that may also fend off emerging payday lenders who are targeting the service’s drivers. Uber will allow drivers to deposit their earnings from each ride into an account with GoBank, a subsidiary of the pre-paid debit […]

  • Science Updates
    Grandpa Astronaut to Break Scott Kelly’s Space Record

    A grandfather of three is poised to blast into space and the record books on Friday, becoming the American astronaut who has spent the longest time in space, Nasa said. Jeff Williams, 58, is the first American to make three long-duration flights to orbit, and will break a US record set by astronaut Scott Kelly […]

  • Tech Updates
    New ‘Social’ Robot Can Teach Better Than Humans

    A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is working on a new social robot that is helping students learn through personalised interactions. A team led by Cynthia Breazeal, director of the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Laboratory, developed a socially assistive robot called “Tega” that is designed to serve […]

  • Computing
    Plug Your MacBook Charger Sideways With This Ingenious Plug

    A US-based design studio is taking pre-orders for a neat side-facing plug that seems so obvious, Apple is probably wondering why it hadn’t thought of it first. Blockhead lets users fit their MacBook and iPad chargers to sit tight against the wall. Sculpted to fit the MacBook and iPad power adapter, users can slide their […]

  • Computing
    Xerox’s New Service Can Translate and Print Scanned Documents

    Xerox has released its Easy Translator Service tool for users to print out a document they scan in any language they choose. To use this service, users should have one of the Xerox’s ConnectKey-enabled multifunctional printers (MFPs). Some of the supported MFPs include ColorQube series and WorkCentre series. The complete list can be seen on […]

  • Software
    Microsoft Goes After Evernote With Launch of OneNote Importer Tool

    Microsoft is going after Evernote, perhaps the biggest name in the note-taking services market. If you were on the fence about whether or not you want to ditch Evernote for OneNote, Microsoft’s newly released tool can help you make your decision. The Redmond, Washington-based company has released OneNote Importer tool that allows you to quickly […]

  • Science Updates
    Magnetic Chips Can Boost Computer Energy Efficiency

    In a breakthrough for energy-efficient computing, engineers at the University of California-Berkeley have shown for the first time that magnetic chips can operate with the lowest fundamental level of energy dissipation possible under the laws of thermodynamics. The findings mean that dramatic reductions in power consumption are possible as much as one-millionth the amount of […]